Hackers of Brisbane

Eager to get to know people in the Brisbane technology and startup scence. I started a blog about hackers and their projects - to inspire people to get hacking. The blog is part of the Hackers Of [X] publication network (hackersof.com), that has expanded globally to 13 cities in 9 countries.


I wanted to build community of student hackers, designers and aspiring entrepreneurs. With focus on building a technology culture in the region of Hull.


I wanted to learn how to develop for Android, so ended up building this self destructing app. Covering concepts such as Fragments, layouts, list views, and activity lifecycle.

Event Discovery App

For my final year project I'm developing a 'event discovery' application for Hull University campus. Find and discover events happening on campus.

Data Ownership and Visibility Web Application

Developed in 32 hours during Cisco's University Hackthon 2015. A web application, that allows individuals to control the ownership and usage of their personal identity information, and alert the individual as to who can access what data on them, and when.

Everyday Solutions

Sometimes I get frustated with life's everyday problems, so I like to develop solutions for them.